Research Questions

Changes in biodiversity through space and time constitute some of the most striking features of life on earth and have broad implications for human health, the production of renewable resources, and global climate regulation. Our research group seeks to understand patterns of biodiversity at multiple scales and why changes in biodiversity emerge through the interplay of fundamental processes that add species (speciation & dispersal) or limit species membership (ecological drift & niche selection) in ecological communities. We explore this question by integrating concepts from community ecology, biogeography and evolutionary biology, and plant functional ecology. Our empirical approaches combine field experiments, large-scale and long-term observations, ecological modeling, and synthesis of biodiversity data from a wide range of plant communities spanning temperate and tropical ecosystems. We focus on the following questions:

Community Assembly from
Local to Global Scales

How do communities assemble across biodiversity gradients?  
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Eco-Evolutionary Assembly of Hyperdiverse Biotas

How do species-rich regions and communities assemble?  
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Biodiversity &
Environmental Change

Why does environmental change alter biodiversity,
biotic interactions &
ecological networks?  
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Species Traits, Species Pools & Biodiversity Change

How does regional biodiversity assemble into natural and human-modified landscapes?  Learn More…