Jonathan and a team of collaborators from the Missouri Botanical Garden (Peter Jørgensen, Iván Jiménez & Sebastián Tello), Herbario Nacional de Bolivia (Leslie Cayola, Alfredo Fuentes & Rosa Isela Meneses), and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Laia Andreu Hayles) receive a new grant from the International Center for Advanced Renewable and Sustainability (I-CARES) for their project “From the Andes to the Amazon: Climate change and tropical forest dynamics along a large-scale elevational gradient in Madidi National Park, Bolivia”. A major goal of the project is to advance the Washington University Climate Change Initiative (WUCCI) and the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Madidi Project by providing new insights into environmental causes of ecosystem dynamics in a global biodiversity hotspot critically threatened by climate change. The news announcement can be viewed here.