Congratulations to Diana and Evan on their excellent poster presentation at the Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium! The poster included 13 co-authors from our summer research team at the Tyson Research Center, including 7 undergraduate students and 3 high school students.


*Jerome, Diana, *Evan Alger-Meyer, *Alison Palmer, *Alexandra Porter, ***Ciara Shaffer, **Maria Weston, **Tess Rogers, *Michael Gjelsten, *Patricia Chen, ***Albert Wang, Maranda Walton, Joseph LaManna & Jonathan A. Myers. 2015. Effect of habitat on negative density dependence in a temperate forest. Washington University Undergraduate Research Symposium, St. Louis, MO

*Undergraduate student from Washington University

**Undergraduate student from institution other than Washington University

***High school student

Photo (Left to right): Diana Jerome, Evan Alger-Meyer, Joe LaManna